“Amy's Mom”
The Official Amy's Answering Machine™ App for iPhone.
Hilarious clips of actual messages from the world's most extreme mother.

Hear news on the "Amy's Mom" app and receive occasional emails from Amy.

CAN'T HEAR SOUND? Slide silencer button on side of iPhone so red dot is not showing. Increase volume.

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For any issues you may have with your own, over-involved, interfering, advice-giving mother, feel free to email Amy and maybe she’ll offer some suggestions on her blog at Amyland.com

• Outrageous clips of real phone messages left by comedian Amy Borkowsky's hilariously overprotective mother from the hit CDs, "Amy's Answering Machine," made famous on NPR, the "Today" show and radio stations worldwide.

• Hear Amy's Mom remind her to go to the bathroom before getting in line at the DMV, warn her of a snowstorm, advise her on how to avoid getting gum disease from kissing, and more -- all in Mom’s authentic Bronx accent.

• App functions like a real answering machine, with flashing message indicator, LED counter and working buttons.

• Amy -- who Mom calls "Amila" -- saved her mother's messages for over a decade and has handpicked the funniest excerpts for the new "Amy's Mom" app, now on iTunes. READ MORE about Amy and the app...